Life becomes incredibly magical and rewarding with the right focus. Learn to access your spiritual gifts, connect with your higher self, get connected to a community of like-minded people. UNICULT offers a variety of classes designed by Unicole Unicron to activate and master the powers of your electromagnetic sensitivity.

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"I have been learning telepathy the past 6 months. Learning telepathy from Unicole has been a really great experience.

I have become more in tune with myself and all beings around me. I can feel the energy systems within me. I can visualize and trust information received. I've received emotional clarity and security. There have been so many benefits.

I enjoy that the lessons have practices and visualizations to go along with them.I not only learned the lessons but put them to use.

Telepathy is real and you can learn to use it. Your effort and commitment is all it takes. I can't recommend it enough. Give it a try and you will surprise yourself."

- Ghosty

Activate your Powers

Telepathy Training Program Club gives students weekly content to become aware of their sensitivities. Through weekly practice, students learn to master their internal reality, simultaneously strengthening the natural gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance, and spiritual health.

Find Community

When we expand our energy on a new spiritual path, we often find ourselves isolated and alone in our new interests. It can be a very lonely road.

UNICULT classes are a great way to connect to other practitioners and make new friends. When you join a class you will get a link to the UNICULT Student Discord server.

Supplement your Learning

Visit UNICULT Supply Co to get workbooks and other materials to supplement your practice.

You will get a free digital workbook with Telepathy Training, but if you would like a physical copy or relevant crystals, you can get them here.

Hi, I’m Unicole Unicron

I have dedicated my life to making the world a better place. When we each focus on increasing the quality of our lives through the power of our spiritual path, we change the whole world for the better.

Join me on the spiritual journey and give yourself the gift of a brighter and more hopeful reality. Your life can be full of peace!